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This is the category where I place random (often technical) tips, tidbits, and things you’ve never wanted to know, that someday I’ll include in a book!

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Or at least, that’s what I originally thought.

And now I are one.

What happened? Hmmn… It’s probably best that I start from the beginning. I’m a techy guy cleverly disguised as a reasonably well adjusted human being (my own interpretation, create your own as you wish.) My first Jr. High School book report done on a computer was coded in BASIC, snand printed using LPRINT statements (I had no word processing software at the time.) I’ve had an e-mail account since they were simply numbers (remember CompuServe?) My first use of the public internet in 1993 involved things like FINGER, ARCHIE, VT100, and finally WEBCRAWLER.  Me not afraid of using techology (some might even say over-using!)

Instant Messaging came on the scene in the late 90’s (remember ICQ – Uh Oh!) When I remembered to turn it on, I found it valuable to communicate with relatives across the country. Same deal with Simple Message System (aka SMS, aka TXT Messaging) I’ve had phones with that capability for quite a few years, and before that, a SkyTel pager that essentially did the same thing (at a much higher cost.)

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Foggy Car Windows

bwcole —  December 28, 2008 — 3 Comments

Welcome to “My Two Sense Worth,”  a little corner of my blog that I just came up with the other day. As I traverse life, I often run across things that I see other people struggle with, and I have often wondered how I could share my solutions to these problems. Then it hit me (Blinding Flash of the Obvious!) Share it in the blog! So here goes the first installment!

Foggy Car Window

Foggy Car Window

As the cold weather has set in, just about daily I will see someone driving down the freeway in their car with nearly completely fogged up windows, save for the spots where they have rubbed the fog off so that they can drive. Just to clarify, I’m speaking of fog on the inside of the window, not on the outside, nor am I speaking about the tan haze that accumulates on the inside of front windows over time in the summer when the sun releases chemicals from the dash.

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